The Unusual Places To Visit In Missouri


Missouri is a state composed of many fascinating sites positioned in their different cities. Springfield is one of the cities that offer an impressive weekend destination. Many attractions, museums, and shopping centers are some of the surprising factors in this town. Starting from the Springfield art museum to the fantastic caverns, one can get a very remarkable moment. The city also harbors Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks. Kids also experience a delightful moment due to the Discovery Center in Springfield. Also, the Dickerson Zoo, Rutledge-Wilson Community Park and the Missouri hall of fame for sports are other sites that bring out the uniqueness of Missouri as a holiday destination.

When someone talks of the Discovery Center, what comes in your mind? A couple of fun and the interactive museum give tourists an inspiration when they explore and discover the different components in it. There are very many fascinating exhibits and programs that are set to offer visitors value for their money. The Discovery Center is a very educative resource helping tourist to develop a critical thinking regardless of their age. Subjects ranging from science and technology, history and culture are covered in this center. It also offers knowledge to visitors of how the eyeball works and even dig deeper to learn about the extinct dinosaur bones. Tourist can also get a chance to ride the High Wire bike and take home their samples of DNA. This center also facilitates hosting events such as Earth Day and Nano Day a few to mention. Check this homepage to know more!

Some past years, a group of women established the art museum in spring field. Today, it stands as the city’s oldest cultural attraction. Its main aim was to pass education to the public on the preservation and appreciation of art. It has at least 10000 exhibitions collected gradually over the years. Some of the collections include Art of the Midwest, American water media, pottery and ceramics with the European origin and some printmaking exhibitions, go here to know more!

When you visit Missouri, the Fantastic Caverns are worth visiting. They contain a series of caves and the ancient river Branson passes below them. Roughly, a 55-minute guide help tourists explore the networks of caves gaining vast knowledge. The Botanical Center is also an attraction worth visiting. It was built to facilitate the learning of the students and local gardeners. It offers an outdoor classroom and a plant laboratory that contains vast biological knowledge. To people who love nature, this can be a very fantastic place to visit. For additional facts and information about Springfield Missouri, you can go to